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The Keowee Fire District is an IRS 170(c)(1) non-profit organization and as such ALL donations are


While your tax dollars generally meets everyday expenses, including salaries, insurance, maintenance, etc.,

there are many "needs" that, if met, would help us serve the community better. 


Here are some examples:

Turnout Gear (5 sets at $2500 ea) - This is worn every day and wear and tear reduces the fire retardant

capabilities of the gear often before the mandated replacement time of ten years.

Desktop computer (4 at $1500 ea) – Our current computers are out of date and need to be replaced. 

Purchase would allow all officers and training personnel access to a computer.

Auto Extrication tool (electric)(1 at $9,500) – Our current extrication tool is hydraulic and must connect to

a truck to operate. An electrical tool is portable allowing it to be taken directly to a remote accident site.

AED (2 at $1000 ea.) – People often stop at the stations to get emergency medical help. If our apparatus, which

carry our medical equipment are on a call, the patient is at a disadvantage.

   This donation would allow us to have AED's available inside our building.



Portable radios (10 at $850 ea.) – We have several portable radios that are past their useful life and we need

additional units for recently employed staff.

There are two ways to easily help the department to serve you better –


Direct Donations    

Remember, every dollar given goes directly for equipment and services to help the department better serve

YOU!  Click on the button below to donate now!

Planned Giving

If you would like to discuss Planned Giving for inclusion in

your will please call the Fire Chief at the number listed below.

The Good News

The good news is there is already an anonymous donor willing to match your donation to the Keowee Fire Department 

dollar-for-dollar up to ten thousand dollars ($10,000)!  That means each donation you make gives the department twice

as much needed capital to meet these equipment needs.

Turnout Gear.jpeg
Extrication Tools.jpeg

Keowee Fire District

115 Maintenance Rd

Salem  SC  29676


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